LLUIDAS VALE: Children salute mother who never saw them

LLUIDAS VALE: Children salute mother who never saw them

October 28, 2019 0 By Horace Mills

Blindness could not stop Adassa Graham.

She gave birth to six children after being struck by glaucoma; she previously had five.

Three of the children she was never able to see – Joan, Ruth and Joseph Rhoden – told The Beacon that they were never made to feel as though their mother had an impairment.

They said she breast-fed them, changed their nappies, washed their clothes, cooked their meals and did virtually everything expected of a good mother.

“She is the best mother ever,” declared Joseph, the youngest of Graham’s 11 children.

Ruth, in the meantime, said it feels ‘really bad’ knowing that her mom was never able to see her – not even once.

Joan was hoping for a miracle. It will never happen.

The matriarch of the family, Graham, died at home in the Providence area of Lluidas Vale, St Catherine, shortly before dawn on September 28.

She recently underwent surgery after being diagnosed with cervical cancer a year ago.

During the funeral service yesterday, October 27, Kaydeen Harrison, who presented the eulogy, said Graham was a domestic helper prior to becoming visually impaired.

She told the congregation inside the Lluidas Vale Seventh Day Adventist Church that Graham’s lover, Denniston Rhoden, helped to raise the children.

Denniston, at his lover’s graveside, kept himself busy among masons.

He planted a vase of flowers in mortar atop the tomb; he used a shovel to throw dirt at the mouth of the sealed grave.

The grief suddenly became too much for Denniston to hide behind his activities.

He stuck the shovel into the earth, raised his hands towards the heavens, and gushed glowing words about the woman with whom he fell in loved nearly four decades ago.

The two, in fact, were schoolmates at Lluidas Vale Primary.

“She love people more than herself!” Denniston shouted amid tears, adding that Graham is the best woman to have walked the face of the earth.

Graham was born 11 October 1953.

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