Linstead | Water Project Completed; Treadways Division Urged To Get Connected

Linstead | Water Project Completed; Treadways Division Urged To Get Connected

January 27, 2022 0 By Jamaica Beacon

The brand new Wallen Pumping Station is ready to serve residents of various communities in Treadways Division

Councillor for Treadways Division in St Catherine North West, Sydney Rose, today switched on a pipe and water gushed – a show that long-awaited works have been completed on the new Wallen Pumping Station.

The works, undertaken by the National Water Commission (NWC), will result in residents getting a steady supply of potable water in Wallen, York Street, Cheesefield and other parts of the Treadways Division.

“It is a new system [at Wallen] and so we are able to access almost one million gallons [of water] per day,” Rose told The Beacon, adding that water shortage previously was chronic in communities that will now benefit.

“It was extremely terrible; those communities had no water. That’s why I was making consistent representation‚Ķ Residents were buying water at exorbitant costs, and if they did get water it was for a day or two because the system was in total disarray. So this is a welcomed system,” the councillor said.

He, as well as Member of Parliament for St. Catherine North West Hugh Graham, urged residents to apply through the NWC for water metres in order to have their service regularized.

Graham said: “As an incentive, for the next two months, or until March 31st, residents will benefit from a reduction in the application fee from $16,000 to $10,000. Residents will also have access to the water without incurring charges for the services over the same period.” To find out more from the NWC about getting connected, CLICK HERE.

Graham further stated that representatives of his office, along with Rose, today toured the project and some of the communities that will be served by the system.

The system, Rose explained, comprised two phases.

The second phase, which has just been completed, covers work done at the brand new Wallen Pumping Station at a cost some $40 million, Rose added. He said the first phase was completed last year and involved mainly rehabilitation works done at a cost of $40 million.

“That is about $80 million for the entire project; I started making representation from 2013 to the NWC [to have it done],” the councillor said.

He stated that the first phase of the project started with financial support from the privately owned Red Stripe, which had a water-related Memorandum of Understanding with the state-owned NWC.

“Red Stripe wanted to do a cassava farm for the raw material for the [Red Stripe] Beer, but they [later] would have given up that farm and sold out that operation,” Rose recalled. “All the water [including the portion that was to be supplied to the Red Stripe operation] now will be had by the NWC. So, that is a major boost.”

Rose expressed gratitude to all the parties involved in making the project a reality.

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