Linstead Mother Jolted By House Fire

Linstead Mother Jolted By House Fire

December 21, 2021 0 By Jamaica Beacon

A section of the bed, the settee, and the fan damaged by the fire

The information that 26-year-old Crystal Henry received while selling goods at Linstead in St. Catherine last week Saturday (December 18) could have been more devastating.

Her brother telephoned her to say that one of her two children set her mother’s house ablaze at Commodore district in Linstead.

She immediately rushed home and realized that her relatives had put out the fire, she said.

“We lost a settee, a TV, a fan, some sheets, the mattress, the glass from the buffet gone, the dresser glass crack, and the wall [of the room where the fire happened] leave black like tar,” Henry told The Beacon. “My seven-year-old son is saying that it’s not him [set the house on fire]; it was the three-year-old. And the three year-old saying it’s not him; it was the seven-year-old.”

Henry said her brother was with the children at home when the fire started, but he was mainly at the back of the house doing some work.

“He came around the front [of the house] for some sand because he was working on his hog pen and saw the smoke,” she added.

Thought elated that no life was lost and no further damage was done to her mother’s house, Henry now feels scared to leave the children out of her sight.

“Mi feel depressed even though a mi youth dem bread me go look [when I sell in Linstead]. A nuh like idle me goh idle,” she continued. “Christmas coming [and] me nah goh can hustle this week, knowing that me have to stay home with the children and give them the hundred percent.”

Henry, in the meantime, said she is redoubling her effort to complete her house and vacate her mother’s. She pointed to a concrete structure she started building, adding that she would like a helping hand to see it through to completion.

“Hustle mi hustle an duh that,” she noted. She recalled previously selling goods at nine nights and also operating a small shop at Commodore.

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