LINSTEAD: Mother feels threatened after going against community’s political wish

LINSTEAD: Mother feels threatened after going against community’s political wish

September 11, 2020 0 By Horace Mills

A single mother from Farm Yard in the Treadways area of Linstead, St. Catherine, said she now fears for her life and that of her child because she supported the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) in the General Election on September 3.

Maxine Bailey, who contacted The Beacon this morning, said she is disappointed that even members of her family have turned against her.

She noted that, although she lives in St. Catherine North West, she voted in the neighbouring St. Catherine North Central, where the JLP’s Natalie Campbell Rodriques lost to Natalie Neita of the People’s National Party.

Asked how her neighbours knew which party she supported, Bailey said she was open about her political affiliation.

She added: “This area itself is a PNP area, and soh anybody who is JLP; the people here have a issue with it…. Less than five people here are Labourite (JLP supporters) because the people claim seh Jack Stephenson give them land. Mi don’t even know this person name Jack Stephenson; all dem talk about is this man name Jack Stephenson. Is like him is a PNP.”

The late Jack Stephenson, who was a member of the PNP, served as Member of the Parliament for St. Catherine North West.

Bailey, who said she has been living at her father’s house in the area since December 2018, claimed that a younger relative became furious after seeing her with a green JLP armband.

Bailey also said the furious relative damaged a door in the house while declaring that no JLP supporter is allowed to remain in the area.

She thinks her relatives are also behind a move by the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) to yesterday disconnect the electricity she uses.

“JPS come exactly at the house, look into a book, come up in the yard and started to remove the wire from the house. I couldn’t do anything, because remember I am not the owner for the premises,” added Bailey, who is 36 years old.

She stated that, although she has been having a tough time financially, she is prepared to leave the community and rent an apartment.

“Mi can’t feel safe in a place like this,” she said, adding that she is scared to report the matter to the police.

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