Linstead | Mother Cries For Help With Son Living In The Street

Linstead | Mother Cries For Help With Son Living In The Street

August 16, 2021 0 By Horace Mills

Idolyn Roman broke down in tears this morning as she appealed publicly for the authorities to assist with her 25-year-old son, whom she claimed is mentally challenged and is attacking people violently.

“Him can attack somebody and kill them, and people can kill him too. That is what I am running from,” she told The Beacon. “Sometimes even me as his mother fraid to talk to him… Don’t matter what I do to get a little help to get him off the street, I can’t get no help.”

Her son, Alwayne Shakespeare, who is also known as ‘Al’ and ‘Cruff’, lives in the streets of his mother’s hometown of Linstead, St. Catherine.

His mother claimed that he has attacked people on numerous occasions, with the latest incident unfolding yesterday. She explained that she was getting ready to attend church when she received information that her son used a piece of board to hit a woman in Linstead.

The mother also recalled a previous incident in which Shakespeare allegedly slapped a woman across the face in Linstead, and was wounded to the extent that he ended up being hospitalized. When he was released from hospital, the woman’s relatives gave him another round of beating, his mother said.

Shakespeare, a past student of Watsonville Primary School in the Moneague area of St. Ann, is said to have fallen ill while living at Moneague in his early teens.

His condition deteriorated in recent times, perhaps because he stopped taking his medication.

His mother stated that, due to his violent disposition, she and her two daughters are unable to take him to the medical facility to get treatment. His father died years ago.

In addition, the mother lamented that, despite her best effort, Shakespeare always ends up looking untidy in the streets.

She noted that, up to last weekend, she purchased clothes for her son, searched the streets of Linstead for him, and gave them to him.

“Sometimes when I go out in the street and look, I pass him and cry,” the mother added. “I don’t know what to do; I am stressed out.”

She added that she has problems sleeping at nights and being comfortable at work because she, especially these days, found herself listening for bad news.

“I have to be listening if someone would call and tell mi that someone kill my son or something like that,” the mother said.

She told The Beacon that, if her son is placed in a mental health facility, she and her two daughters would have no problem supporting him.

“The problem is just to get him off the road,” she emphasized.

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