Linstead | Man On The Run After Chopping Woman With Machete

Linstead | Man On The Run After Chopping Woman With Machete

November 10, 2021 0 By Jamaica Beacon

Matlida Cobourne’s left hand that was severely chopped when she raised it to protect her head

The wound that Matlida Cobourne sustained is reminder of the brush she had with death on October 27, when a co-worker chopped her with a machete at the house where they work near Linstead Fire Station in St. Catherine.

The alleged attacker, who sometimes sells clothes from a bike, is middle-aged and is of fair complexion and stout build.

He reportedly fled the community where the incident took place and is yet to be apprehended by police. He is said to be originally from the Redwood area of St. Catherine.

Cobourne said she and her attacker have been at odds since she started working at the residence about a year ago, taking care of the homeowner’s children.

“From I start working with the gentleman, he doesn’t like me. He said I come to the house and changing up rules,” she said, adding that the man accused her of “carrying news” about him to the homeowner.

The two had a quarrel on October 27.

Cobourne claimed that, when she later thought the quarrel was over, the co-worker suddenly swung a machete at her, aiming for her head.

She explained that the machete narrowly missed her head, but chopped off a portion of her hair.

The man reportedly aimed for Cobourne’s head a second time, but she raised her left hand in an attempt to protect her head.

“The two bones in my left hand break [as a result of the chop]. I did a surgery and I have to do another surgery to pin it,” she explained.

Cobourne indicated that she was taken to Linstead Public Hospital and immediately transferred to Spanish Town Hospital on October 27. She spent six days in the medical facility at Spanish Town.

The matter has been reported to the Linstead Police Station.

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