LINSTEAD: Lawyer speaks out about fatal shooting at nightclub

LINSTEAD: Lawyer speaks out about fatal shooting at nightclub

January 16, 2019 0 By Horace Mills

Attorney-at-law Hugh Wildman said his client is happy to be freed of charges in relation to the death of Niguel Beason outside a nightclub in Linstead, St Catherine, adding that Beason and another man attacked his client for merely speaking out against the beating of a woman.

The man freed days after being charged for the shooting death of Beason on December 31 last year outside Club Lavish (upstairs in the photo above) is 56-year-old Averton Roy from Canada, as well as August Town in Bog Walk, St Catherine.

The deceased, 39-year-old Beason, is from Linstead as well as Manchester in England.

Attorney-at-law Hugh Wildman. Photo Credit:

Wildman told The Beacon that his client, Roy, went to the nightclub with two females and another man. One of the woman is the ex-girlfriend of the late Beason. An argument eventually started between the two ex-lovers.

Wildman said: “A dispute started and my client decided to leave with the females, only to discover that one of the females knew the (now) deceased and had a relationship with him at some stage.

“The (now) deceased came downstairs [from upstairs where the club is located] and started to beat up the female. My client intervened by saying ‘why you beating up a lady like that?‘ The (now) deceased set on my client and started to beat him up, and he was joined by another person in beating up my client.

“My client had a blackout at one stage, so clearly he was the victim of a serious assault – physical attack by the (now) deceased and his friend,” Wildman further said.

His client, Roy, eventually shot Beason and then reported the matter to the police. The cops arrested and charged Roy.

“I was very concerned when I heard that he was charged. My client was cooperating from the start and then I couldn’t understand – nobody could understand how he was charged without they (prosecutors) having a proper assessment of the case,” Wildman continued.

“The video [from cameras attached to the club] confirms my client’s account that he was under attack from these men, and so the prosecution could not negative self-defense.”

Niguel Beason, the man shot dead

Wildman further told The Beacon that he raised concern with the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions.

He added: “My client was in custody for over a week and we had to move aggressively to get the prosecution to review the matter after he was charged, and they agreed with us [that he acted in self defense].

“They decided to bring the case up on a voluntary bill to expedite the process to bring my client before the court and have him discharged… All’s well that ends well,” Wildman further told The Beacon.

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