Linstead | JLP Caretaker Likely To Ban Un-vaccinated People From His Office

Linstead | JLP Caretaker Likely To Ban Un-vaccinated People From His Office

January 20, 2022 0 By Jamaica Beacon

Persons who are not vaccinated may soon be blocked from entering the Linstead office of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) caretaker in St. Catherine North West.

The caretaker, Newton Amos, indicated that he is mulling the ban to encourage more people to become vaccinated as the island seeks to return to normalcy amid the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

“I am saying to those persons that refuse to take the vaccine that continue to come to my office that I am going to have to start looking carefully at their presence at my office without being vaccinated. I have to do that. If I don’t set that example, what is going to happen? People must come to grips with themselves and put the nation before self and ensure that we can return to normalcy; that is the bottom line,” he said in an interview with The Beacon.

The health ministry said Jamaica, up to yesterday, had recorded 116,944 confirmed cases of COVID-19. The local death toll from the virus stood at 2,561. The number of active cases on the island was 14,478. The ministry added that the number of recoveries is 67,880. Some cases are still under investigation.

The government has made vaccines available free of cost across the island, saying they will reduce the likelihood of people being hospitalized or dead due to COVID-19.

With the availability of vaccines in mind, Prime Minister Andrew Holness has said his administration will not resort to locking down the country again as a result of the virus. He lamented the relatively low take-up of the vaccines on the island.

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