LIGHTS ON – Lluidas Vale police move into brand new station

LIGHTS ON – Lluidas Vale police move into brand new station

January 11, 2019 0 By Horace Mills

Police officers today moved into the brand new Shady Grove Police Station in Lluidas Vale, St Catherine, ahead of the official opening that will take place on a date yet to be announced.

When The Beacon visited the station after sunset today, 11 January 2019, a veteran law enforcer was seen at the front desk flipping through a large station diary. A young constable looked on.

The old police station in Lluidas Vale town centre

There are signs, however, that the officers have not yet completed their relocation into the new station, which houses office spaces and two cells on the ground floor, as well as four bedrooms and a kitchen upstairs.

The new station is in Lluidas Vale square, where the old wooden one once stood.

While the new structure was under construction, police officers operated from the principal’s cottage at Lluidas Vale Primary School, which is located in a remote area of the community.

Some residents have argued that the recent remoteness of the cops contributed to the unprecedented levels of crime experienced in the Lluidas Vale area last year.

The new police station in Lluidas Vale town centre

The Jamaica Constabulary Force should have completed construction of the new station in November 2017.

It’s finally done in 2019.

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