LETTER: Dalley sabotaging Good Hope

LETTER: Dalley sabotaging Good Hope

November 8, 2019 0 By Horace Mills

Dear Sir,

The residents of Good Hope, Kellits, Clarendon, have for years been held captive by the utter disregard for community members by the one and only 6 star general Horace Washington Dalley.

Our community is sometimes labelled as little Tivoli as there is an assumed majority support for the Jamaica Labour Party.

Due to this assumption, I have heard many alleged rumors that Mr Dalley will not fix our roads or pay us any attention because too many Labourites are in Good Hope.

Being someone who doesn’t really pay attention to rumors, I quickly dismissed that.

However, to my utter surprise, I heard it from the mouth of one of Mr Dalley’s closest supporters – and some would call her his right hand.

I remember quite clearly the corridors of my alma mater. While scaling the steps, an intelligent young lady from my community asked: “Miss, Mr Dalley don’t fix Good Hope road?”

“After unuh nah vote for him; a pure Labourite ova deh,” the teacher/close supporter replied.

I remember a few years back, we the residents of Good Hope were protesting the road conditions and lack of water.

We invited CVM TV to broadcast the protest; I remember quite clearly as my hands were sliced by a bamboo I was trying to use to block the road.

We protested, the police came, we had discussions and interviews.

The then councillor, Mr Gavin Hayles (poor soul), was sent as the sacrificial lamb to absorb the anger of our patriotic residents.

Promises were made (yet to come to pass) few weeks after we held a face-to-face meeting with Our MP, Mr Dalley.

His anger was poured out on us; we could tell he was holding back the urge to call us idiots.

He sat and drank his usual you know what in the centre of our holy-ground Pedro River New Testament Church.

Being young at that time, I was afraid to ask questions as I watched my community members one by one being embarrassed by our so-called 6 star general.

The meeting ended. We hoped to get our issues solved (we have not).

Also, we waited for our protest to be broadcast on CVM TV. To our despair, the video was censored.

We protested for roads, water and many other issues. We walked hundreds of metres to show the journalist the condition of the road. The cameraman was utterly dismayed at the condition of the road and promised us the conditions would be highlighted to the nation. I remember we revealed holes in one of our bridges, and roads that look similar to river beds. What we saw that night was only a broadcast of our water condition.

Now, at present, I hear Mr Dalley requesting 100 million dollars to fix roads, complaining, playing victim and falsely sympathizing with our conditions.

How do you sleep at night, Mr Dalley?

Romell Eubank,
Concerned Resident of Good Hope, Kellits, Clarendon.

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