KELLITS: Top Girl Gets Top Treatment

KELLITS: Top Girl Gets Top Treatment

July 1, 2020 0 By Horace Mills

The limo driver, Alexj Smith, at work

Jenae Johnson (far left) shares the special moment with graduating relatives and friends

Jenae Johnson and her relatives for whom the limo was provided

The limo makes its way down Main Street, Kellits

Head Girl Jenae Johnson and Head Boy Allain Harrison got the big trophies for academic performance, and $30,000 from Go Gas

Jenae and her relatives – including her mother Kerrissa Douglas Foreman who is holding the male child

Jenae Johnson, who served as Head Girl at kellits Primary School in Clarendon up to yesterday, is no ordinary academic achiever.

That fact weighed heavily on her family’s decision to make her graduation extra special, notwithstanding the challenges posed by the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).

The highly contagious virus forced schools in several countries to close, and to cancel their traditional graduation ceremonies. Kellits Primary is among those that resorted to a drive-through format.

The drive-through, which took place in the vicinity of Kellits Post Office yesterday, June 30, involved several motorcars.

However, the main eye-catcher was a white limousine, which transported Jenae and two of her graduating relatives, courtesy of their family overseas.

The vehicle caught the attention of many people as it snailed down Main Street in the small farming town. Some watched; others captured the spectacle on camera.

There was more to come.

The limousine stopped in front the Juici Beef outlet on Main Street, where the driver literally rolled the red carpet out.

When the three graduating relatives exited the limo, they were handed wine glasses, into which non-alcoholic champagne was poured.

A few other graduates joined in the celebration.

Although there was no sign of mask-wearing or social distancing in the small group, the joy was palpable.

Jenae’s mother, Kerrissa Douglas Foreman, said the limousine service was not an over-spend. “She deserves it. We know all of this was going to come, and so we were all prepared for it,” she told The Beacon.

Jenae, in the meantime, is pleased with her performance in the Primary Exit Profile (PEP), which resulted in her being placed at her first choice – St. Hilda’s Diocesan High School in St. Ann.

She is also the top-performing female student at Kellits Primary, which had 104 students sitting PEP.

“I am very happy with my performance. I don’t know what I want to become in life, but I want to become something good,” said Jenae, who received a relatively large trophy, as well as a voucher valued at $30,000 from GO Gas.

She attributed her superb academic performance to hard work, guidance from her teachers, and strong family support.

“My family is always there for me. If I go down, they always carry me back up and they are always there. My teachers also are always pushing me because they know I can do it.”

Jenae, who said she enjoyed being Head Girl although the role at times was challenging, advised other graduates to remain focused and ‘don’t follow friends’.

Her mother, Kerrissa, told The Beacon that she is not surprised by Jenae’s spectacular performance in PEP.

“I am feeling overwhelmed; I am very proud of my daughter. I knew she could do this, because she has been doing this from basic school. She doesn’t study a lot, but she is always keeping up her grades. She is always determined. If she gets 80 percent in her test, she is never content with that. She is very jovial; she gets along with people; she is easy-going,” the mother said.

She also noted that her daughter’s relatives – including father Dawian Johnson, are always supportive of the quest for excellence.

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