KELLITS: Principal shocked by fight, commends cop for restraint

KELLITS: Principal shocked by fight, commends cop for restraint

November 22, 2018 0 By Horace Mills

Principal at Kellits High School in Clarendon Texal Christie said the institution is shocked by the altercation between one of its students and a police officer, adding that the cop involved in the fracas should not be ridiculed.

A number of people have been disparaging the police officer who, based on an amateur video being circulated, was overpowered by a male student much younger and physically smaller.

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The video shows the student forcing the Croft’s Hill Police Station cop to the ground and then sitting on him during the tussle at the school yesterday, November 21.

A school security guard and a teacher eventually pulled the student away.

Highly placed sources at the school claimed that, after the tussle that is captured on video, the police officer pulled his gun to eventually bring the situation under control, but further investigations will be conducted to test the veracity of that claim. What is clear, however, is that no shot was fired. The cop was injured.

The school principal, Christie, when contacted, said the police officer told him he tried assiduously to exercise restraint.

“The policeman told me that, and I really appreciate the professionalism. He really was restraining himself under the situation; it really could have gone a different way. The police officer should be commended and it’s clear that, even after he got up [from the ground], he stepped back from the situation. So it’s not like he was in a fight with the student,” Christie told The Beacon.

He further stated that, based on his knowledge, the school, with a population of just over 1000 students, has never had to handle a negative situation of this gravity.

“There isn’t a big problem with indiscipline up here. You do have skirmishes here and there which is normal wherever you have a large group of students together, but we don’t have a serious case of indiscipline. It is really shocking to us as much as it is shocking to others,” the principal said.

Principal at Kellits High School Texal Christie. Photo Credit:

He continued: “It is very distressing to know the amount of strides we made and now to have this incident distressing us.”

By Horace Mills, Journalist

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