Kellits | Pregnant Woman Butchered In Rhoden Hall

Kellits | Pregnant Woman Butchered In Rhoden Hall

June 20, 2021 0 By Horace Mills

A woman, who is said to be about eight months pregnant, has been found butchered at her home in Rhoden Hall, near Kellits, Clarendon.

Area residents have identified her as Tasheka McKay, pictured above.

She was unemployed, and has a daughter who is about four years old.

Sources told The Beacon that relatives became concerned after being visited by the deceased woman’s four-year-old daughter.

The child reportedly went next-door and told her maternal grandmother that her mother was lying in ‘cream’ and was not responding to her.

Acting on that information, one of McKay’s adult relatives went to make checks.

That’s when McKay was found on her bed with her throat slashed.

The police, after being alerted, arrested the woman’s boyfriend.

Reports are that the boyfriend was held in his Mason River community, which is relatively close to Rhoden Hall where the murder took place.

The police, after holding the boyfriend, took him to the murder scene.

By that time, angry residents had descended on the scene.

They tried frantically to get a hold of the suspect apparently to carry out vigilante justice.

But the police managed to keep the irate crowd at bay by, among other things, firing shots in the air.

The suspect, up to publication time, was still in custody.

It is said that he was seen at McKay’s house earlier today before her body was found.


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