Kellits outgrows water plant – thousands of new houses, some with multiple bathrooms

Kellits outgrows water plant – thousands of new houses, some with multiple bathrooms

July 16, 2019 0 By Horace Mills

Member of Parliament for Clarendon Northern Horace Dalley said he is tired of telling the National Water Commission (NWC) to expand its system in the Kellits area of the constituency to facilitate the thousands of houses that have been built since the plant was established.

He said the system in place for umpteen years is no longer able to keep up with the pace of development, adding that some people need more water because they are no longer building a house with only one bathroom.

“The water system at Kellits pumping station is not sufficient for all these whole heap of new housing developments being built in the area. In Scheme alone, we have a whole heap of new houses that use a lot of water. A nuh one bathroom people have again like first time,” Dalley said.

He continued: “Since I have been up there, I know nothing less than at least 2000 houses have gone up that depend on the same source that was built 60 years ago. They need to expand the river; they need to dredge out the river. We have put it to them over and over; [National] Water Commission is incompetent!”


The NWC, in the meantime, indicated that its water supply systems around the island – not just in Kellits, have been struggling to keep up with the pace of development.

“That’s not unique to Kellits or Croft’s Hill; the systems we have all over the island do not have the capacity to meet the demand,” said Michael Dunn, NWC Vice-President for Divisional Operations East.

He further told The Beacon that plans are afoot to upgrade the water supply facility in the Kellits area. “There are going to be upgrades taking place at that plant in the latter part of this financial year into the next financial year, to put a filter system in place that during the period of turbidity we can continue to supply and maintain service delivery,” Dunn disclosed.

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