KELLITS: Mother speaks highly of slain son

KELLITS: Mother speaks highly of slain son

February 25, 2019 0 By Horace Mills

Monica Green, 64, said she was at home last Friday night when someone woke her up with the bad news that her only son, Dave Green, was gunned down at a business establishment across from Kellits market in Clarendon.

“I can’t believe him dead,” she told The Beacon while she emitted a deep sigh.

Different reports have been swirling as to how the gunmen unleashed their wrath on the 40-year-old farmer, a resident of Good Hope in Clarendon.

The Jamaica Constabulary Force stated that Mr Green was a patron at a bar about 10:20pm on February 22 when men travelling in a motorcar shot him several times.

Residents said it appears Mr Green, pictured above, was the shooters’ sole target, adding that other persons at the location were spared.

Photos captured shortly after the shooting show Mr Green in a bowing position – his knees and face on the ground in a relatively large pool of blood. There are reports that he was shot seemingly in the chest.

The crime scene in Kellits, Clarendon

In the meantime, when asked if her son was involved in any feud or wrongdoing, Mrs Green told The Beacon: “No; I don’t know of it; I don’t hear of any.”

She stated that Mr Green was kind.

“Everybody in the district [of Good Hope] talking that, if my son have one biscuit, him bruck it give you and do without. That’s the principle him tek from him father. He is kind; he is jovial; and he is good to the district people.”

Mrs Green said the tragedy has stunned many in Good Hope.

“Right now they are taking it very hard, but they are standing up with me,” she posited, adding that her son visited her regularly because he did not live with her. “My daughter is in the UK; my son knows that I am a cancer patient and so he stick around me,” said the mother of two.

She said her son, whom she saw a few hours before he was gunned down, did farming for a living. “I didn’t know he has such pretty crop – lettuce and pop chow and thing. He would drive around and sell his things,” Mrs Green explained.

She said Mr Green is the father of a 17-year-old son who lives in the United Kingdom.

Mr Green previously spent time in the United States and the Bahamas, his mother disclosed. “But he said he wanted to reside in Jamaica; I travelled too and I said I want to stay here,” she further said.

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