KELLITS: Mother of 6 dies suddenly hours after candlelight vigil

KELLITS: Mother of 6 dies suddenly hours after candlelight vigil

January 26, 2019 0 By Horace Mills

A year after his father died, 21-year-old Lionel Bertram Brown watched in grief and disbelief on Wednesday morning, January 23, while his mother suddenly passed away.

Corrine Cameron-Douglas, 47, apparently died at her home in the Long Ground area of Croft’s Hill in Clarendon, but was pronounced dead at Linstead Public Hospital in St Catherine.

A post mortem is yet to be conducted, and the death is now the subject of a police investigation.

“My mother was a loving, kind, and wonderful mom,” Brown said in an interview with The Beacon, adding: “We don’t know what happened; it is just a sudden death – no sickness, nothing.”

Corrine Cameron-Douglas is show here in yellow having fun with relatives, including two of her sons. Lionel Brown is the son sitting on the step.

Brown recalled that his mother went to a candlelight vigil held for a deceased young man on Tuesday night at the Cultural Centre in Croft’s Hill, returned home, and fell asleep.

She woke up about 5 o’clock Wednesday morning and complained about feeling unwell.

“She came to our door, knocking it. She said she wasn’t feeling well. We took her up and put her in the hall on the settee,” Brown explained.

“By the time we put her on the settee, she said she wanted the fan. We started to fan her, and she said she wanted tea. We asked what happened, but she wasn’t talking. Two minutes or less than that, her eye started to roll over. The last word came out of her mouth, she said she wanted to [use the bathroom]. By the time we took her to the hospital, they said she was dead,” Brown said, adding that his mother, earlier in the week, complained about feeling unusually cold.

He said the family and Long Ground community have been jolted by the sudden death.

Corrine Cameron-Douglas, in this photo, is hanging out with her daughter Neusha Armstrong (middle) and sister Latoya Cameron

The late Douglas, who worked in Britain for a number of years, returned to her homeland in 2016, and was planning to again travel abroad this year.

She is survived by four sons and two daughters, as well as other relatives, including her youngest sister Latoya ‘Annie’ Cameron.

“My sister was loving and kind; I could call on her anytime and for anything,” Cameron told The Beacon.

“I feel bad about her passing because she is my favourite sister; we talked everyday; she was always there for me when I wanted her.”

By Horace Mills, Journalist

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