KELLITS: Goat shocks young farmer with 5 kids

KELLITS: Goat shocks young farmer with 5 kids

April 10, 2019 0 By Horace Mills

We aren’t kidding!

A goat belonging to young farmer Kemron Nembhard, this month, gave birth to five kids, beating the average of two kids per birth.

Their owner, who has been in farming for some six years, said he is shocked, considering the rarity of a goat having such large number of kids all at once.

“I feel shocked,” said Nembhard, who lives near Kellits in Clarendon. “The goat usually have like one kid, two kids, and three kids; she have about four or five lot of kids already,” added the 23-year-old farmer.

He told The Beacon that, unfortunately, one of the two male kids died at birth. The survivors are pictured above.

“The one that died; he is the biggest one,” Nembhard said, adding: “When the kids are born, the mother has to burse [the water sack] and clean them up for them to get strength. So the mother pay attention to four of them and never notice that one was left out. That’s why that one died.”

Nembhard further stated that the goat gave birth a few hours before daybreak; he was in bed and could not have helped.

However, now that the initial ‘shocks’ have disappeared, Nembhard is trying to ensure the proper upbringing of his animals, albeit at costs for which he was not prepared.

“The mother can’t help herself feeding all four of the kids, so I have to buy Lasco and stuff like that, and nipple bottle to feed them,” he further disclosed.

The youngster said he has been working assiduously to improve his farm, adding that he would welcome any assistance in building a pen for his goats. “There is a lot of farming around me, so I can’t let the animals go like that; I have to pen up the place. That’s why I want a goat pen,” he explained.

Nembhard, who declared his passion for farming, said his parents Denise and Henry Nembhard have been farmers for many years – producing crops and raising animals.

He, after graduating from Kellits High School in Clarendon, followed suit.

“Farming is good because, without it, there is no life,” Nembhard told The Beacon. “We have to eat; we have to do so many things with farming. It is one of the things that sent me to school and stuff like that. I am never absent from school one day, so I really like farming,” he further said.

By Horace Mills, Journalist

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