KELLITS: Councillor vows to play big role in ending ‘dilly dally’ era

KELLITS: Councillor vows to play big role in ending ‘dilly dally’ era

November 6, 2019 0 By Horace Mills

The only elected representative from the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) in Clarendon Northern, Noel Nembhard, said he will play a crucial role in his party’s effort to win the constituency in the next general election, adding that the deplorable roads throughout the seat are among the reasons for change.

Nembhard, also known as Pallo, is Councillor for the Kellits Division, where his party’s annual constituency conference was held on Sunday, November 3.

He predicted that the new JLP candidate in the seat – Dwight Sibblies, will beat the long-serving Member of Parliament (MP) Horace Dalley.

“Labourites, mi naah hold mi mouth dis yah election yah; Horace Dalley haffi goh!” Nembhard told the relatively large crowd at Kellits Primary School. “Anyweh mi goh pon platform, a me a control Dalley, and mi a lick him cause Dalley cyaan manage mi.”

Nembhard indicated that he has a lot of information to use as ammunition against Dalley. “Mi nuh expect my next MP (Sibblies) fi lick him, for him nuh know nutten much bout him (Dalley). A mi born and grow yah soh, and mi know bout him,” the councillor added.

He, like a number of other speakers at the conference, lamented the deplorable road conditions in the constituency, noting that Dalley has been the MP for more than 30 years. He was defeated in 2007, but subsequently returned to his winning ways.

Nembhard named a number of the bad roads, including those leading to Arthur Seat, Morgan’s Forrest, Good Hope and Pennance.

“What about Northern Clarendon? Wi nuh want pretty road tuh?” the councillor said, adding that Prime Minister Andrew Holness is doing a good job, which won’t be reflected in Clarendon Northern if Dalley remains MP.

“Horace Dalley care nothing for Northern Clarendon people, and I want to see the back of Horace Dalley,” Nembhard said. “Horace Dalley haffi goh and wi a mek sure seh him goh dis yah election yah. No more dilly dally in Northern Clarendon.”

Nembhard claimed that his party’s candidate, Sibblies, has money and the traits necessary to win.

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