IQ HIGH – Trelawny head girl among youngest starting high school this year

IQ HIGH – Trelawny head girl among youngest starting high school this year

August 5, 2020 0 By Horace Mills

Clovet Scott, 10 years old, will be among the youngest students attending secondary school in Jamaica when the new academic year starts in September.

Her intelligence quotient (IQ) is said to be so high, the Ministry of Education allowed her to skip Grade Three, and to eventually sit the Primary Primary Exit Profile (PEP) at age 10.

An overwhelming majority of PEP students are 11 or 12 years old.

Despite being relatively young, Clovet managed to perform impressively in PEP, and so was awarded a place at her first choice of secondary school – the prestigious Westwood High.

“I will put out every effort to achieve high grades and perform to the best of my ability in high school,” she told The Beacon. “My aim is to make my grandparents and parents proud.”

Clovet, an aspiring lawyer, has been a standout student also in leadership at Unity Primary and Infant School in Bunkers Hill, Trelawny.

She became Head Girl at primary school when she was nine years old – one of the youngest persons to hold that position.

Her principal, Pauline White-Anderson, said the child handled the leadership position well.

“She showed that age is not a deterrent. She showed maturity, objectivity and a good example of a leader. She performed her role well and was the best choice made,” the principal commented.

In the meantime, the child’s grandmother, Clover Gordon, explained that, when her granddaughter was in Grade

Two, a clinical psychologist at the education ministry recognized that she was gifted.

“Her IQ then was 100… The clinical psychologist returned when Clovet was in Grade Four, and reported that most of her work was six months into Grade 11 and her math was into Grade Seven,” the grandmother said.

Since Clovet was three years old, she has been living with her paternal grandparents who are from Adelphi in St. James, but also live in Trelawny.

However, the child generally gets strong support from both sides of her family, the grandmother noted.

She further opined: “Clovet was always outspoken and brilliant… She is very observant and possesses a great sense of humor. Sometimes the things she say and the way she acts let you wonder if she is her age or she is older. She is very smart.”

By Horace Mills, Journalist

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