I want my mother | Man intensifies search for mom who left him more than 40 years ago

I want my mother | Man intensifies search for mom who left him more than 40 years ago

May 12, 2019 0 By Horace Mills

George Clayton Bennett, a 47-year-old house painter from Lluidas Vale district in St Catherine, is hoping for a Mother’s Day gift.

He wants to locate his biological mother, Sarka Eloise Wilson, whom he has not seen or heard from since he was about two years old.

George, who told The Beacon that his happiest moment would be to find his mom, said his most painful day is usually Mother’s Day.

“I wish I could contact my mother for Mother’s Day; that would be my greatest wish – the happiest day in my life,” he declared.

“Sometimes I feel tear down to know that, on Mother’s Day everybody else is talking about their mother; I can’t say anything about mine.”

George, who was born at Linstead Public Hospital on 17 April 1972, has a twin brother who died at birth to him.

His mother, Sarka, was 18 years old when she gave birth to him.

She is originally from Lluidas Vale district, but left there when she became pregnant. She relocated to the Old Braeton area of Portmore, St Catherine, and attended St Andrew Technical High School.

Less than two years after George was born, his mother left him with his maternal grandmother – Jane Louise Noble.

“My mother left me with my grandmother – her mother, and went to live at Portmore, and she never returned or contacted anybody,” George told The Beacon.

His grandmother died in 1998, and his mother did not show up at the funeral.

The relatives with whom George’s mother resided in Portmore also have not seen or heard from her.

George stated that, based on information gleaned, his mother is ‘of very dark complexion, is short in height, and has a round face’.

She, in 1975, gave birth to another son whose surname is Brooks.

George, in the meantime, disclosed that his mother is not the only one who disappeared shortly after his birth.

He also spent several years searching for his father Nathaniel Bennett, who originally is from Lluidas Vale district, but now lives in the United States.

George was 26 years old when he finally found his father. “We now correspond very often even though I did not see him from 1972 [when I was born],” he further said.

George stated that he has forgiven his father for not contacting him when he was a child, adding that he would unreservedly extend the same courtesy to his mother – when she is found.

By Horace Mills, Journalist

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