I WANT MY MOM – Clarendon woman appeals for chance to know mother reportedly from Hanover

June 5, 2021 0 By Horace Mills

Angella Ellis, better known as ‘Miss Lu-Lu’, is appealing for public help in locating her mother and her maternal relatives who are said to be originally from the parish of Hanover.

Her mother’s name is Meleta Drummond.

She reportedly gave birth to Miss Lu-Lu when she was 33 years old.

She was in Kingston when she met the man who went on to become Miss Lu-Lu’s father – Eric Duhaney Ellis, who is a native of Croft’s Hill district in Clarendon.

Miss Lu-Lu explained that, based on information provided to her, she was nine months old when her mother took her to Croft’s Hill and left her there with her paternal grandmother, Elizabeth Ellis, who is now deceased.

“My mother told my grandmother that she would soon come back and so she was asking her to keep me. She never return,” Miss Lu-Lu said.

She added that, although she has been informed that her mother’s family is from Hanover, she does not know the name of the specific district.

Miss Lu-Lu also disclosed that she is the second child for her mother.

The name of the first one is said to be Sheltack Campbell, otherwise known as ‘Mark’, who reportedly was born in 1955. It is understood that he lives in Kingston.

Miss Lu-Lu said, when she visited the Registrar General’s Department, she was told that her mother has four other children after her.

According to Miss Lu-Lu, it is painful not knowing her mom.

“It is very hurtful especially when it comes to Mother’s Day. I went to church and everybody is hugging their mother and giving their mother present; it is so painful to me that I burst out in tears,” she explained.

Miss Lu-Lu, who has three sons, also stated that her children want to know their grandmother.

She added: “My mom is very important, and so I would love to know her. If she even dead, mi still would want to see where they put her.”

Miss Lu-Lu also expressed hope in locating any of her mother’s relatives.

In relation to her father, she said he left Jamaica to live in England shortly after she was born.

“My father left for England in the same time [that my mother disappeared]. I saw my father only one time, and it was when I was in about Grade Three and he came to Jamaica. Him don’t come back. Right now, my father is in a home and he doesn’t have any remembrance,” Miss Lu-Lu further said.

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