I uphold the law – Lluidas Vale police leader denies lacking mercy

I uphold the law – Lluidas Vale police leader denies lacking mercy

July 24, 2019 0 By Horace Mills

Head of the Shady Grove Police Station at Lluidas Vale in St Catherine, Sergeant Oliver Johnson, has sought to roll back the tide of criticism that has been rising against him in the police area where he works.

Residents and some police officers, over time, have been complaining to The Beacon that Sergeant Johnson is far too heavy-handed in his leadership style and enforcement of the law.

Some persons, who question the manner in which he approaches residents and allegedly targets some, recently planned to protest against him, but they had a change of mind.

When contacted today, July 24, Sergeant Johnson indicated that it wouldn’t be surprising if some people are against him, considering that he is a solid enforcer and upholder of the law.

Contrary to what some residents claimed, the police sergeant stated that he is often lenient in relation to petty offences.

“I do not give any leniency where criminal activity is concerned – where crime is concerned. If it is a petty thing, then I will warn you…” he further explained.

“I do my job according to law. I can tell you about myself; I can’t tell you about the [police] force or what happens within the force. I follow the law; I ensure that people abide by the law and that there is fairness. I don’t involve in corruption – nothing of the sort. Where crime is concerned, I am not going to be in any hanky panky.”

Sergeant Johnson, in the meantime, told The Beacon that, during his tenure as a police officer, he has never been implicated in any wrongdoing.

“I have never been on suspicion, interdiction or nothing of that sort… I am a law-abiding citizen, as well as I am a police officer who carries out my job,” he said.

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Sergeant Johnson assumed duties in Lluidas Vale after residents mounted roadblocks on November 28 last year as part of their protest against a hike in serious crimes, including robberies and break-ins.

He is commonly referred to as One-A-Front, reflecting his no-nonsense approach to motorists who travel with more than one person in the front of vehicles licensed to transport one passenger at any given time.

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