I did not draw conclusion – Mother clears air on identity drama

I did not draw conclusion – Mother clears air on identity drama

April 27, 2018 0 By scott

When Jamaica Beacon recently reignited the story about Janette Hardie’s 16-year search for her son Rojay King, no one thought it would have been picked up by other media entities and eventually become high drama.

Rojay was five years old when he disappeared during a trip to Roaring River beach with his mother, Hardie, a businesswoman in St Ann. Hardie claimed that the boy disappeared after she walked away from him to answer a brief phone call. She added that divers searched the waters, but found no trace of Rojay. Since then, she has been searching for her son – for closure.

Things took a dramatic turn this week when The Star newspaper published a story about a 22-year-old man, Junior Paige, who has been trying to locate documentation of his birth. He was registered under different surnames at two schools. He grew up in Portland and Kingston, and doesn’t know his father. The mother he knew, Marva McCarthy, passed away two years ago.

Persons eventually posted photos of Paige and the missing Rojay beside each other on an Instagram blog called Dear Dream. To many bloggers, the young man struggling to find a birth certificate resembles young Rojay who has been missing.

Could the missing Rojay King have grown over time into the shirtless Junior Paige?

Hardie saw the photos and she too thought there was a resemblance. Earlier this week, she told Jamaica Beacon that she wasn’t sure whether or not Paige is her missing son.

She and Paige eventually met and they agreed to have the matter clarified with a DNA test.

The Star, today, carried a story about the impending DNA test.

Hardie told Jamaica Beacon this afternoon that she now finds it necessary to make it clear that she did not draw any conclusion.

She stated that she, extremely excited to one day find her son, merely bought into the argument about the resemblance. “I agree that Paige has a resemblance of my son; that was it; nothing else. People resemble people sometimes.”

Hardie said she started to have second-thought when she saw a photograph of Paige’s late mother, McCarthy. “I noticed that he not only resemble my son, but he also resemble the lady who he said is his mother who died.”

Junior Paige and his late mother Marva McCarthy.

With the high drama now surrounding the matter regarding the would-be DNA test, Hardie said she is concerned about Paige’s safety.

She is also concerned about the possibility of persons seeing Paige’s late mother as someone who was involved in any wrongdoing.

“I am a person who respects the dead. I don’t want anyone to draw any conclusion and disrespect the lady,” Hardie told Jamaica Beacon, noting that she is a Christian.

She is now reluctant to proceed with the DNA test. “I am a Christian; I don’t like drama; I don’t like it at all,” she explained.

“There was no conclusion about whether or not Paige is my child. I didn’t conclude that he is my missing son; and he didn’t conclude that I am his mother. We are simply curious because of how the first photos were presented – the photos I saw before I saw the photo of the lady who he said is his mother. That’s all.

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