I am not very happy – Councillor joins appeal against littering in Linstead

I am not very happy – Councillor joins appeal against littering in Linstead

March 5, 2020 1 By Horace Mills

Councillor Herbert Garriques at the event

The call has heightened for residents of Linstead in St. Catherine to stop littering the streets of the town, and for them to start discouraging other people from doing so.

Councillor for the Linstead Division in St. Catherine, Herbert Garriques, made the latest appeal.

“I am not very happy when I come out here in the mornings and in the nights or in the evenings or in the daytime and I see how nasty the town is,” he said.

Garriques added: “I beg of us that each of us must be our brother’s keeper wherein, if we see somebody else throwing cane trash or anything else on the floor, wi tell dem nuh badda wid dat. Linstead can look much cleaner than it is, and the Bible speaks to cleanliness is a part of godliness. I beg of you people, let us all see if we can make this town a cleaner town.”

Garriques made the appeal during the ‘Linstead Black Togetherness’ awards ceremony at Rose Duncan Park in the middle of Linstead town on Sunday evening, February 23.

His call got immediate support from Justice of the Peace Wesley Scott, who was emcee at the said event.

“Sometimes wi can’t find place to walk,” Scott lamented while blaming business operators and vendors for the improper disposal of garbage.

He further stated that the garbage has resulted in several dogs roaming the streets, adding that the rubbish also attracts rats that are likely to cause diseases such as leptospirosis.

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