Hunger to charity – St Catherine woman distributes bun and cheese

Hunger to charity – St Catherine woman distributes bun and cheese

April 19, 2019 0 By Horace Mills

A woman who said her years of hunger while being married turned her into a philanthropist, spent much of today – Good Friday, distributing bun and cheese sandwiches to some 60 people in the streets of two parishes.

Shernette Malcolm, a resident of St Catherine, said her charity has been distributing food every holiday over the last five years.

The recipients today were spotted in the Old Harbour to May Pen area.

Malcolm told The Beacon that, as a result of her charity work during the holidays, she has become well known to a number of the people who usually are in need.

“They are always looking out for me,” she said. “I work in the May Pen area and, even when I’m not on my official charity work, they find me, and I have to give them either money or my personal lunch.”

Malcolm said she too was once in need, adding that such experience has taught her well.

“I was married and, during my marriage, I had to endure hunger,” she said.

“During my separation, I thought about what it was like being in my marriage and was hungry. That’s when it came to mind about homeless on the street. Hence my charity was birthed. This is something I’ve been doing for over five years – Christmas, Easter, and Independence. I also sponsor some children with lunch money and clothing,” the philanthropist added.

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