Humes scores big average at school in Bog Walk

Humes scores big average at school in Bog Walk

June 16, 2018 0 By Horace Mills

Patrick Humes gave an interesting description of his 11-year-old daughter Kayandra, especially as it relates to her academic performance over the years.

“She is kind of a late bloomer, but, when she blooms, she soars to the top,” he said.

Kayandra soared in the Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) this year, recording a 92.46 percent average.

She will, in September, attend St Andrew High School for Girls, which is located in the corporate area.

That’s a major environmental shift, considering that the young scholar now attends Tulloch Primary School in the rural community of Knollis, on the outskirts of Bog Walk, St Catherine.

Kayandra, Deputy Head Girl at Tulloch Primary, is ready to adapt.

“I feel really great about the school that I passed to attend,” she told Jamaica Beacon, adding that she is satisfied with her GSAT performance.

“The way I went about preparing for GSAT was by studying really really hard.”

Kayandra Humes

Kayandra said she is yet to choose a career path.

What’s more important now, however, is that she has been on a roll academically.

She scored 96 percent in GSAT Mathematics, 83.3 percent in Communication Task, 92 percent in Science, 97 percent in Social Studies, and 94 percent in Language Arts.

The teachers at Tulloch Primary, including Daphne Clarke Grant who prepared the students for GSAT, are deserving of commendation. So too are the parents.

Kayandra’s father, Patrick, said: “I am elated at her performance even though I didn’t expect any less from her. As persons who know the importance of education, we are always supportive of anything she has to do academically.”

Those sentiments are shared by Racquel Humes, Kayandra’s mother.

She told Jamaica Beacon: “I was very happy when I heard about my daughter going to St Andrew High. It is going to be a different environment, but of course I am here for her as I’ve always been. I had expected her to do well in GSAT. I am happy with the results. I am not surprised.”

By Horace Mills

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