High schools told: No more than $5,200 for student registration

High schools told: No more than $5,200 for student registration

June 30, 2018 0 By Horace Mills

Jamaica Information Service – The Ministry of Education, Youth and Information has directed that the cost of registration packages for secondary-level students should be kept between $1,000 and $5,200.

School administrators are advised to adhere to the directive, which is in keeping with the funding guidelines for public schools.

Under the arrangement, the Government is absorbing the costs for core operations at the secondary level, while parents will continue to make contributions to school development and sports.

The Ministry has also advised that there should be no increase in parent contribution for academic year 2018/2019, all charges for registration packages must first be approved by the Ministry, a breakdown of what the registration package covers should be clearly outlined to parents/guardians, and non-payment of fees cannot affect students’ acceptance of placement or registration at school.

Minister of Education Ruel Reid. Photo Credit: Jamaica Information Service

Meanwhile, in an effort to ensure improvement and standardisation of the registration process, the Ministry has developed a template for the admission/registration letter.

School administrators at the secondary level are being encouraged to make every effort to see how best the letter template can be incorporated in the registration packages being prepared for new students.

Board chairmen are being asked to provide guidance and ensure that school administrators follow these directives in order to minimise the cost to parents as well as ensure that no child is disenfranchised as they seek to prepare for the upcoming school year.

Regional education officers will provide the support required and ensure that there is no deviation from the policy position of the Ministry.

Meanwhile, principals and administrators at primary schools are reminded that there is no cost for registration at the primary level.

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