Help Needed – Clarendon woman in critical condition after crash at Lluidas Vale

Help Needed – Clarendon woman in critical condition after crash at Lluidas Vale

July 9, 2020 0 By Horace Mills

Cheryl Douglas, the injured higgler

A higgler from Croft’s Hill district in Clarendon remains hospitalized in critical condition after being involved in a motor vehicle crash at Lluidas Vale in St. Catherine.

The injured woman, Cheryl Douglas, was heading home from market in a registered taxi, which became involved in a collision with another vehicle about 9PM on Wednesday, July 1.

The taxi driver, who is also from Clarendon, was injured and treated at hospital. It is said that he did not suffer any major injury.

Tenecia Nelson, daughter of the injured higgler, told The Beacon that the family is trying to raise $2 million within the next two days to purchase an intravascular stent.

Unable to source the funds on its own, the family established a GoFundMe account. To contribute, persons can CLICK HERE. They can also donate via Bank of Nova Scotia – account number 931-760; account holder Tenecia Nelson.

Nelson said: “My mother suffered major injuries to her head, chest and one of her main arteries. Her condition has become critical due to the damage sustained to the arteries from the accident. In order to correct these damages, an intravascular stent device is needed. The family is seeking the public’s help to save her life.”

Douglas was transported to Linstead Hospital on the night of the crash, then to Spanish Town Hospital the following day. She is now at the University Hospital of the West Indies.

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