GUY’S HILL: Teachers use motorcade to visit, treat nearly 200 students

GUY’S HILL: Teachers use motorcade to visit, treat nearly 200 students

June 4, 2020 0 By Horace Mills

Decorated cars

Principal, Elvia Wright

Teachers at Mount Nebo Primary School in the Benbow area of Guy’s Hill, St. Catherine, recently used a seven-car motorcade to visit and treat nearly 200 of their students.

It was the educators’ means of reaching the young ones, who have been out of school due to national restrictions, which are aimed at minimizing the spread of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).

Principal at the school, Elvia Wright, told The Beacon that, of the 204 students on roll, about 180 of them showed up along roadways in their respective communities – some accompanied by their parents.

The communities visited by the teachers were Guy’s Hill proper, Tavern Hill, Cocking Hill, Benbow, Copper, and Berkshire Hall.

Wright said students who showed up received packages containing stationery, sanitizers, snacks, as well as food items such as flour, sugar, and rice.

She added: “Parents and students met us along the main road nearest their homes. Once we saw our children, the entire motorcade would stop and the relevant teacher would give such a student their token, maintaining physical distancing as much as possible.

“That approach was taken as it was a good way to see all our students and to show them that, in spite of the long-distance teaching, we love and care for them,” the principal further explained.

The students were appreciative.

“The students were excited. Some who were away from home actually came back home for the occasion. It was a touching scene. The messages we got over the days after, spoke volumes. Parents were very appreciative,” Wright told The Beacon.

She said the idea to treat students motorcade-style on Friday, May 29, came up during a virtual staff meeting also in May.

The principal further said: “The parents were advised through our PTA Whatsapp group as well as our class Whatsapp groups. Parents were asked to allow the children to wear school T-shirts, masks and jeans for easy identification. The police in Guy’s Hill were also advised of our intention…

“We decorated seven cars of staff members. As principal, I led the motorcade from the school in Benbow to Guy’s Hill, then back down to Berkshire Hall and back up to the school,” Wright further said.

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