GUY’S HILL: MP blames others for bad roads, dirt tracks in constituency

GUY’S HILL: MP blames others for bad roads, dirt tracks in constituency

October 10, 2019 0 By Horace Mills

Member of Parliament for St Catherine North East, Leslie Campbell, said he has to be diverting funds from social programmes in his constituency to spend on bad roads, which should instead be repaired by the St Catherine Municipal Corporation as well as the National Works Agency (NWA).

“What I have had to resort to be doing is using funds from the CDF (Constituency Development Fund) to do patching work in some of these communities. The inevitable result of this is that the social programmes that would normally benefit from the application of these funds are deprived,” he complained during the State of the Constituency Debate in parliament on October 1.

The first-term parliamentarian described a number of the roads as dirt tracks. “The roads said to be under the control of the St Catherine Municipality deserve no mention; they remain and are best described as dirt tracks,” he said.

Campbell, in the meantime, lamented that a number of roads under the purview of the NWA have not been repaired in at least 20 years.

“The record will indicate that no repairs – or no significant repairs have been done on these roads in the last 20 years. The result is that there is significant scouring, which causes severe problem for anyone plying these routes,” he added.

Campbell noted that the NWA is responsible for the following roads in the constituency:

  • Williamsfield to Troja
  • Williamsfield to Glengoffe
  • Riversdale to Ham Walk, via Hampshire
  • Rio Magno to Seafield
  • Dover to Tavern Hill
  • Bog Walk to Free Town
  • Golden Grove to Windsor
  • Berwick to Riversdale
  • Williamsfield to Gubeh

Campbell, in the meantime, indicated that there is confusion regarding the roadway from Tavern Hill to the entrance to Seafield.

“The area running from Tavern Hill to the entrance to Seafield, properly demarcated as part of St Catherine, is said to be controlled by the National Works Agency located in St Mary, and it is almost impossible to get dialogue with a member of the St Mary Nantional Works Agency team, because the area is said to be outside the jurisdiction of the member of parliament for St Catherine,” Campbell said.

He expressed hope that the roads will eventually be repaired, noting that the current government has made a start. “Thanks to the present government, a start has been made. The Dover to Tavern main road has undergone some level of rehabilitation,” he said.

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