Grange decries ‘bad treatment’ of entertainers

Grange decries ‘bad treatment’ of entertainers

July 9, 2018 0 By Horace Mills

Minister of Culture and Entertainment Olivia Grange has decried what she said is the bad treatment that the hospitality industry and others have been meting out to members of the creative industry.

“Despite the prominence and success of brand Jamaica, many of our people still see foreign things as better, and devalue our own creations and our creators. Some only see our worth after ‘foreign’ gives its stamp of approval,” she said.

“Just recently, we heard cries for justice from members of the entertainment industry as they told a sad tale of bad treatment in the hospitality industry.”

Grange, who raised the concern during her sectoral presentation in parliament a few days ago, stated that she has met with the entertainers affected in the hospitality industry, and they are ‘working towards a resolution’.

She, in the meantime, noted that musicians are not the only ones crying foul.

“Other members of the creative sector are crying out for justice,” she declared.

“They are tired of being undervalued in this country that has, in many cases, provided the investment and the inspiration for what they do. They just want a little respect.

“I pledge to continue to be the chief advocate, chief cheerleader, chief supporter, chief motivator for our creative and athletic people, and will do all I can to ensure that they get the respect and recognition they deserve,” Grange further said.

She noted that members of the creative industry have contributed significantly to Jamaica, including being responsible for the creative economy that she said has lifted many people from poverty to prosperity.

“We will never get the respect or recognition if we do not provide empirical evidence that we are a driving force, contributing significantly to Jamaica’s economy,” she posited, adding that her ministry is building a ‘new relationship’ with the island’s statistical agencies to develop systems to measure and publish the full value of Jamaica’s creative economy.

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