God will give all murder victims justice, pastor warns criminals

God will give all murder victims justice, pastor warns criminals

August 9, 2019 0 By Horace Mills

While declaring that all victims of murder will eventually get justice, Reverend Andrew Duffus used a recent funeral service to call on potential killers to have a second thought whenever they are tempted to commit homicides.

He said there are too many murders being perpetrated across the island, adding that a worrying trend is developing even in rural towns such as Kellits in Clarendon.

“If yuh do something people will kill yuh, and if yuh don’t do anything people will still kill yuh. That’s the way the world is set,” the clergyman told a congregation at Kellits Church of God on August 3.

He further lamented: “It hurts each time when a life is taken. Many homes are broken and families are broken. You will not feel the pinch and the pain until it knocks on your door; anything can happen anywhere. We note that, even in the town of Kellits, this death in the town is becoming a trend… These things are happening in almost every township across our country; the spirit of murder overtakes persons and they do such a wicked act.”

Reverend Duffus warned that there eventually is no escape for murderers.

“Rest assured that, even if we don’t get justice in this world, God is going to give murder victims justice…” he declared.

“God will hold people accountable for the wrongs they have done. No evildoing will go unpunished – as the Bible said. God has a record and God knows everything, and God will hold everyone accountable for the wrongs they have done.”

The clergyman appealed for people contemplating murder to have a change of mind.

“A lot of people get deceived because one idea comes to the mind, and yuh don’t look at the thing from a different point of view and think of dealing with the matter the right way…” he said.

“When a life is lost or taken, we cannot replace it, and it doesn’t matter what we say today and how we feel, the act is already committed. Life is a wonderful gift that we must cherish and care for each other.”

Reverend Duffus was speaking at the funeral service for Princeton Johnson who was shot dead under controversial circumstances by a police officer in Kellits on the night of June 22.

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