Four goats stolen in Ewarton | woman raps cops

Four goats stolen in Ewarton | woman raps cops

November 30, 2018 0 By Horace Mills

A young woman from Ewarton district in St Catherine is now at her whit’s end after thieves, on Wednesday night, made off with four goats belonging to her.

“The incident makes me really upset because I am a trying young girl; I bring out my goats in the morning and bring them in at evening,” said Farrah ‘Trish’ Tulloch.

She further told The Beacon that the four goats – two adults and two kids – were tied close to her house in the McGrath Road area on Wednesday evening, November 28.

They could not be found yesterday morning, but searchers have stumbled upon a trail of blood, suggesting that the animals were killed.

Tulloch said this is the second time she is losing goats as a result of theft; she lost 12 on the first occasion. “The first time they did it (killed the goats) at the goat pen and leave the ropes; now they took the rope with them. The person who went to tie out the goats [yesterday] searched and didn’t find them – only blood.”

Tulloch also accused the Ewarton police of treating reports about praedial larceny too lightly.

“The first time it happened, we alerted the police and they didn’t act,” she claimed, adding that, based on the previous experience, she does not intend to report the theft that unfolded this week.

“When Ewarton police go on scene they don’t write down your statement. If you go to the station you have to wait hours for them to say a word to you because they are too busy telling their coworkers what they do, what they eat, what them get, and who them went out with last night,” Tulloch further claimed.

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