Family affair | Joniquue inspires hope with 93 percent average

Family affair | Joniquue inspires hope with 93 percent average

June 13, 2018 0 By Horace Mills

Marsha Roberts is not afraid to declare that she is a single mother who is unemployed, but is still hoping for better days.

One of her main sources of inspiration is her 12-year-old daughter Joniquue Hines, whose dream is to become a forensic scientist.

The dream is not appear far-fetched, considering that Joniquue has been somewhat of a fixture on the Honour Roll at Dunrobin Primary School in St Andrew.

“Being a single parent and unemployed, I always tell her never to become a product of her environment,” said the outspoken mother, who lives off Whitehall Avenue, Kingston 8.

She further stated that she is elated that Joniquue has amassed an impressive 93 percent average in the Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT).

She scored 100 percent in Mathematics, 83.3 percent in Communication Task, 97 percent in Social Studies, 92 percent in Language Arts, and 93 percent in Science.

Joniquue, who has earned a place at Ardenne High School in St Andrew, told Jamaica Beacon that she is ready for the challenge ahead.

“I am very happy and overwhelmed by my grades, especially in Mathematics where I got a perfect score because Mathematics is my favourite subject,” she said. “I will continue to study hard to make sure I become a forensic scientist.”

Joniquue Hines. Photos provided

GSAT teacher at Dunrobin Primary, Marline Anglin-Christie, is among educators whose guidance has kept Joniquue above mediocrity.

She also gets enormous support from relatives, including her maternal grandmother Louise Jolly, sister Jeanelle Smith, cousin Taunderia Williams, and father figure Ricky Wellington.

Her mother also did not shirk her responsibility.

“I give her everything she needs for school, the extra classes, and boot camp on weekends. I research the topics and in turn teach her because the teacher alone can’t do it,” she told theĀ Jamaica Beacon.

She further stated that she expects her daughter to continue to soar high.

“I am elated, overjoyed and feeling very proud. I am not surprised because my daughter always maintains a 90 percent average during the years at Dunrobin, and was always a Honour Roll Student. I expect her to do mighty and greater things,” the mother further said.

By Horace Mills

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