EWARTON: Taximan almost murdered left with cracked skull, over 40 stitches

EWARTON: Taximan almost murdered left with cracked skull, over 40 stitches

December 31, 2018 0 By Horace Mills

Everton ‘Diddy’ Williams, who operates a taxi between Ewarton and Lluidas Vale in St Catherine, is in hospital reflecting on the brush he had with death on Christmas eve, when another taxi operator chopped him three times with a machete – aiming mercilessly at his head.

Williams told The Beacon that he received 12 or 13 stitches for a wound that cracked his skull, 15 stitches for a wound to his left jaw, and a total of 17 stitches on two fingers on his left hand. One of those fingers was almost chopped off.

Williams thinks he would have been a dead man, had he not retaliated by throwing a small box of cooked food in the attacker’s face. That’s how he managed to escape.

The attacker, who The Beacon heard is still on the run, also operates a taxi between Lluidas Vale and Ewarton. It is said that he, in recent times, has been living at Pennington district in the Lluidas Vale area. We will call him *John Penn.

Williams thinks Penn marked him for death five months ago (August 1) when he – along with other taxi operators – tried to prevent Penn from inflicting wounds to persons in the town of Lluidas Vale.

Everton ‘Diddy’ Williams

In relation to what happened on August 1, Williams said he was having a good time with friends in Lluidas Vale square when Penn appeared on the scene, stuck $1000 into a woman’s waistband, and attempted to woo the woman to get intimate with him.

The woman apparently blocked Penn’s advances and Penn, in response, reportedly ordered the woman’s ‘baby father’ to repay the $1000 he had placed in the waistband.

The ‘baby father’ scoffed at the order and a dispute developed between him and Penn.

Penn, who reportedly pulled a knife and stabbed at the woman’s ‘baby father’ twice, had to be restrained by Williams and other taxi operators.

“We as the youth (Penn’s) bredren were there trying to back him off and telling him to behave himself,” Williams told The Beacon, adding that he even volunteered to give Penn the $1000 he was demanding.

He further stated that Penn left the scene, but returned on three occasions to pick other fights. On the third occasion, he reportedly stabbed at a man called ‘Biggs,’ but missed. ‘Biggs’, in response, allegedly slapped Penn with a machete.

It is alleged that Penn again left the scene and returned a fourth time for another round of fight, but he again was restrained by his colleagues – including Williams.

Williams stated that, over the five months that followed, he heard that Penn was telling people about his purported plan to murder three taxi operators – including him.

Williams apparently took the soundings lightly until he got the rude awakening on Christmas eve.

He told The Beacon that, on Christmas eve, he parked his car on the Ewarton taxi stand, and walked to a nearby cook shop to purchase a $300 food that was served in a box.

He then went towards his vehicle.

“When I came towards my vehicle, I saw the guy (Penn) came from beside his car, held up his cutlass and decided him going to chop me. He said ‘p$#$y%le a dead yuh dead now‘ and then started to chop me,” Williams claimed.

He stated that, when the first chop connected with his left jaw, he fell to the ground and was chopped in the head. Williams said the attacker tried to chop him in the head a second time, but he raised his left hand and the machete struck four of his fingers – almost chopping off one of them.

Williams, who explained that he eventually escaped after he threw his small box of food in the attacker’s face, is still in hospital.

Members of his family said none of Penn’s relatives has checked to find out about Williams’ medical condition.

*John Penn is not the real name of the alleged attacker, whom The Beacon has been trying to contact to hear his side of the story.

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