EWARTON: PNP Selects Young Businessman

EWARTON: PNP Selects Young Businessman

June 22, 2020 0 By Horace Mills

Persons gathered on Saturday, June 20, to officially make Donald Tinling the PNP candidate in Ewarton Division

Donald Tinling and his wife strike a pose with retiring MP Robert Pickersgill (centre) on Saturday

Donald Tinling, businessman and new PNP candidate in Ewarton Division

Donald Tinling Jr, a 32-year-old businessman, will represent the People’s National Party (PNP) in the Local Government Election in the Ewarton Division, St. Catherine North-West constituency.

His selection was formalized on Saturday, June 20, during a meeting at the Bramwell Park Complex, better known as Goat Pen.

The people who showed up to witness the occasion included Anniessa Lewis Tinling – wife of the new candidate, Councillor for Treadways Division Sydney Rose, retiring Member of Parliament for the seat Robert Pickersgill, and the new PNP general election candidate in the constituency Hugh Graham.

Graham told The Beacon that Tinling did not have a challenger. He said another person wanted to vie for the position, but that attempt was ‘procedurally incorrect’.

Graham further explained that two other people had expressed an interest in representing the PNP in the Division, but they did not apply.

He thinks highly of the young entrepreneur, whose family operates Tinling Supermarket and Hardware on Main Street in Ewarton.

The new candidate is a past student of Ewarton Primary School, Charlemont High School, and Moneague College.

Graham said: “Congratulations to Donald Tinling. I believe that you will continue to serve the residents well, even with your new and additional responsibilities.”

Graham further oozed confidence that Tinling will make his predecessor, Beverly Jobson Grant, proud. Jobson, who is the current Councillor and a retired educator, is not seeking re-election.

According to the Electoral Office of Jamaica, this is how the people of Ewarton Division voted in the last Local Government Election, which was held on 28 November 2016:

Beverly Jobson Grant (PNP) – 1,091

Milholland Barker (JLP) – 922

Starrette Dobson (MGPPP) – 20

The total number of electors on the official voters’ list for the Ewarton Division at the time of the last election was 8,269. Of that number, 25.67 percent voted.

Meanwhile, Milholland is still the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) candidate in the Ewarton Division.

By Horace Mills, Journalist

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