Ewarton | Bar Operator Not Giving Up Despite Losing $200K To Thieves

Ewarton | Bar Operator Not Giving Up Despite Losing $200K To Thieves

November 13, 2021 0 By Jamaica Beacon

Michelle Needham is not giving up despite losing what she said is an estimated $200,000 worth of goods to burglars who pried their way into the bar she operates on Charlton Drive in Ewarton, St. Catherine.

“When I just found out that they break into the place, mi feel frustrated; mi really cut up about it because mi jus a try a thing despite COVID-19 and things [being] slow. But it nuh mek mi feel fi stop [doing business],” she told The Beacon.

Needham stated that the burglars, on the night of October 23, gained access to the business by removing the padlocks, seemingly with a crowbar.

“They take out almost everything – mi monitor box, microwave, fan, [and] liquor,” she added.

Needham has been operating the bar for a year and this is the first time it is being burglarized. However, the spate of robberies and break-ins taking place in Ewarton is disconcerting.

Needham wants more police patrols, especially in the dead of night, during the nightly curfew imposed to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

“A nuh like one time when people used to be on the road right through [the night],” she noted. “Because of the curfew hours, people deh home early. That is when the criminals prey on people things. So if the police can come around more [often] a nighttime, that would be good.”

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