Don’t kill my lover – Girlfriend against death penalty for murder convict

Don’t kill my lover – Girlfriend against death penalty for murder convict

June 4, 2018 0 By scott

The spouse of the Linstead man who was convicted last week for murdering four people has come out in defence of her lover, Simeon Miller, who will be sentenced on July 6.

She contacted our news team yesterday to say Miller is being judged merely because of his ‘bad guy’ appearance, adding that he is not a criminal and the police did a poor job in probing the quadruple murder.

Asked if she will consider appealing the verdict handed down by the seven-member jury last Friday, the woman, who requested that her name not be disclosed, replied: “Yes, I would consider that (appeal) in couple years.”

She said this is not the first time police have arrested her lover in relation to a shooting, adding that he was released without charge in the previous incident a few years ago.

The spouse explained the previous incident. “Someone got shot [at a night club in Linstead] and police took him (Miller) off the street, put him in jail, and say he shot the person. He didn’t come out of jail until the person came out of hospital and said he wasn’t the one who shot him,” said the woman, who exuded confidence that Miller would also walk free if an appeal is made in the current case.

She further stated that Miller, who has four children, should not get the death penalty.

“Why should an innocent man get death penalty because of a corrupted justice system?” the woman said.

“Let God be the judge of that. If him did do the killing, I think he should get death penalty. But because I know for a fact that he didn’t do it; why should he get death penalty?”

Prosecutors said Miller was among three gunmen who murdered four people at Mickelton in Linstead, St Catherine, on the night of August 20, 2014.

Those murdered are 27-year-old Recodel Jackson, Garfield Simpson who was in his 30s, 43-year-old Dean Pratt, and 20-year-old Shanna-Kay Simpson.

This is a photo of Simeon Miller retrieved from his Facebook page.

Miller’s spouse, in the meantime, questioned the quality of the police probe.

“They are just too lazy to do their jobs. And because they cannot or they just don’t want to do their work in the honest and right way, they just take up a man off the street and put false evidence and witness on him… I could be a witness to him that he was home at the time of the murders,” the woman said.

“I am gonna be honest [in saying] he might look like a bad guy – just the appearance, but his personality is a different thing.”

Miller, like his spouse, claimed that he was at home with his family at the time the murders were perpetrated.

However, a seven-member jury, which heard that and other evidence presented in court, apparently does not support the claim that Miller is innocent.

In fact, the jury arrived at its unanimous ‘guilty’ verdict within 40 minutes of deliberation – a relatively easy decision, it seems.

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