Depression at Petrojam due partly to missing workers – HR Manager

Depression at Petrojam due partly to missing workers – HR Manager

July 5, 2018 0 By Horace Mills

Human Resource Manager at Petrojam Yolande Ramharrack yesterday stated that the disappearance of some employees is among factors causing depression at the government’s oil refinery, adding that she was prompted to hire a counsellor to provide professional help.

She, during an appearance before the parliament’s Public Administrations and Appropriations Committee (PAAC), did not state how many workers have been missing.

Ramharrack said: “From data that we have at Petrojam and from engagement with other team members, we have had cases of missing employees to date – which we have not had a closure.

“We have thought it prudent, as a management team, to give the support because of the 24-hour essential services that the business dictate. There are persons who cannot avail themselves of the EAP (Employee Assistance Programme). Best practice dictates that, if we are to realize any benefit from a formal wellness strategy [in place], of course it must be supported by the spiritual aspect as well,” the Human Resource Manager further reasoned.

Human Resource Manager at Petrojam, Yolande Ramharrack. Photo Credit:

The name of the counsellor hired, Reverend Angella Grant, was disclosed to the PAAC.

The Human Resource Manager, Ramharrack, further stated that Petrojam was addressing the issue of depression before the start of her tenure, but the intervention was not structured.

“We do have an on-site counsellor supporting our wellness strategy. Prior to me getting there at Petrojam, there have been reports from team members that have been suffering from bouts of depression based on what has been happening at the organization.

“So our wellness strategy, which has been implemented since the start of this year, also include assistance with the Employee Assistance Programme that we do have with a counsellor, and we are measuring those interventions as we speak,” she continued.

“It is not that Petrojam was not doing something; but it was not a structured process. We now have a formal wellness strategy,” added the Human Resource Manager.

Meanwhile, Acting General Manager at Petrojam Telroy Morgan told the PAAC that the hiring of a counsellor is a ‘new dispensation’ for the state-owned oil refinery.

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