CROFTS HILL | Residents ‘Arrest’ Two Of Their Own For Alleged Goat Stealing

CROFTS HILL | Residents ‘Arrest’ Two Of Their Own For Alleged Goat Stealing

May 2, 2022 0 By Jamaica Beacon

Militant residents of Crofts Hill in Clarendon went in search of alleged goat thieves yesterday morning, resulting in the arrest of two area men.

The communications arm of the Jamaica Constabulary Force said, although the men were taken into custody, no charge has yet been laid against them. Investigations are ongoing.

In a series of amateur videos being circulated, residents, many of whom were armed with machetes, held their first suspect under duress as they tried to get information about goats allegedly stolen in the community.

At that time, two ‘big’ rams were still missing, one resident disclosed.

The residents lamented that the first suspect held was born and raised among them.

They walked him through the community with one end of a rope tied around his waist and the other end attached to a goat. They eventually wounded and beat him until he squealed.

With blood running down his face, he named another community member as the mastermind.

He further explained that he was at his home when the mastermind, who is also a yam vendor, approached him regarding goats.

“Him seh him know which part some goat deh an mi fi follow him goh fi dem,” added the first suspect.

Acting on that information, the residents went to another section of the community where the alleged mastermind was seen at a house.

By that time, the police were on location.

While sitting in the back of a police van, the first suspect pointed out the alleged mastermind, who instantly started to deny involvement in the purported goat-stealing plot.

Both men eventually were taken into custody.

Amid the drama, one resident lamented that farmers in the community have lost a lot to thieves. “A long time wi a lose,” he said emphatically.

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