Croft’s Hill owes millions | MP confident water supply will improve after successful meeting

Croft’s Hill owes millions | MP confident water supply will improve after successful meeting

July 27, 2019 0 By Horace Mills

Member of Parliament for Clarendon Northern Horace Dalley has expressed confidence that the water shortage affecting sections of his constituency will be eased following a public meeting in Croft’s Hill district on Wednesday, July 24.

Residents from various communities in the Croft’s Hill area showed up at Paradise Baptist Church to discuss their water woes with their political representatives, as well as the leadership of the National Water Commission (NWC).

The NWC, Dalley said, told residents that some of its nearly 400 customers in the Croft’s Hill area alone – not including Kellits – owe a total of just over $14 million for piped water.

Some customers, however, questioned how they could owe when they rarely receive water.

The NWC noted that, unless residents report their challenges in getting water or their protracted absence from their premises, they will continue to be billed.

Dalley, in relation to the meeting, told The Beacon: “It was a very successful meeting. The citizens vented their views; the National Water Commission responded, and a schedule [for water supply] has now been established… What the National Water Commission did is said, ‘the levels are low, but what we have we will share it with every districts’.”

Dalley further stated that, based on reports he has received, a number of communities that were without piped water are now getting the precious commodity.

He said the NWC also informed him that it, among other things, already secured a stand-by pump for Kellits Pumping Station. It will be used whenever the regular pump is out of service due to mechanical issues.

Horace Dalley, MP for Clarendon Northern

Meanwhile, the water company, on a flyer distributed, promised to complete the installation of a system to deal with higher turbidity at Kellits Pumping Station, the installation of a generator to minimize disruptions during power outages, and an assessment aimed at installing an upgraded water treatment system.

The NWC further said plans are afoot to replace old pipelines between Shooters district and Kellits.

It added that, while the aforementioned works are being done, communities will receive water supply as follows:

Mondays to Fridays – Lampson, Lower Croft’s Hill, Morant Housing Scheme, and Guava Ground

Mondays to Wednesdays – Burns, Comsie, Jericho, Wood Pass, Fenceside, and St John

Wednesdays to Fridays – Corner

Fridays to Sundays – Upper Croft’s Hill, Arthur Seat, Ludlow, Long Ground, Dagger’s Lane, and Hickory

Daily – Rhoden Hall, Shooters, Tait, Kellits town, and Good Hope (inclusive of Darkness)

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