Coronavirus – Entertainer accused of lying now claims he self-quarantined

Coronavirus – Entertainer accused of lying now claims he self-quarantined

March 19, 2020 0 By Horace Mills

Elephant Man said he has self-quarantined, adding that he is sorry for entering the island without declaring that he travelled to Germany, which has been hard hit by the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

Germany is among countries from which travel to Jamaica has been restricted.

Elephant Man’s apology comes today as police announced a probe into allegations, which a purported whistle-blowing Immigration Officer made in a widely circulated voice message.

The Officer claimed that Elephant Man, whose real name is Oneal Bryan, travelled from Brussels to Sangster International Airport in St. James, and did not undergo a health check because he failed to declare in writing that he travelled to Germany.

The Immigration Officer further stated that, when she verbally asked the entertainer if he recently travelled to Germany, he denied doing so.

However, Elephant Man, in a social media post this morning, admitted that he went to Germany and did not declare it at the airport in Jamaica.

He further said: “I have spoken to the authorities and I am self-quarantined at home. I went directly home after leaving the airport, and I have not left my house since. I ask for your complete understanding.”

The artiste also indirectly told the Government and the Immigration Officer that he is sorry.

“I just want to say I really really sincerely apologize to the staff at the Sangster International Airport and the Minister of Health and the people of Jamaica. I also want to apologize for any misunderstanding in the way I incorrectly completed the [immigration] form,” Elephant Man explained.

He added: “After my long journey, I actually put the last country I arrived from – as opposed to all the countries I attended in the last six week. Sorry fi dat; drop asleep; yuh dun know.”

Meanwhile, the purported Immigration Officer, in the voice message, said another entertainer, Rygin King, who was processed at the airport after Elephant Man, declared Germany among the countries he (Rygin King) visited.

The Officer added that, when Rygin King was asked to undergo a health check at the airport, he questioned why Elephant Man was not subjected to such screening although they both were in Germany.

The purported Immigration Officer further claimed that Elephant Man was overheard belittling airport workers attired in protective gears and wishing that they die of COV-19. Elephant Man, in another video, denied claims that he wished death for the officers.

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