Child feeds less-fortunate for birthday

Child feeds less-fortunate for birthday

March 29, 2019 0 By Horace Mills

Courtney Greaves, who turned eight on March 14, marked the occasion in an unconventional way.

She fed wards at Glenhope Place of Safety and Maxfield Park Children’s Home, as well as homeless people in downtown Kingston, Half-Way Tree, and Cross Roads.

Courtney, who attends Jesse Ripoll Primary School on South Camp Road in Kingston, said her goodwill is in accord with ‘the voice of God’.

She received help from her mother, Tanya Lowden Greaves, who initially did not take her plan serious. The mother eventually bought into the idea after her daughter insisted.

After celebrating a quiet birthday, Courtney, her mother, and a few relatives and friends set out on March 16 and 17 to feed the homeless as well as wards of the State.

They served rice, chicken, curried mutton and an assortment of vegetables.

“I spent well over $10,000. Courtney and I went to downtown (Kingston) and we got all that we needed,” the mother said, adding that her daughter has a penchant for sharing.

Meanwhile, Courtney, in an interview with the state-owned Jamaica Information Service, noted: “These people [who received the meals] are in need of somebody to care for them. Some of them are hungry and have nothing to eat.”

Courtney, in the meantime, is more than a young philanthropist.

She has won a number of accolades from participation in various Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) activities.

She, in 2017, was a gold medallist for Kingston and St Andrew in the JCDC National Speech Competition.

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