Child beaten with metal chair at school, family claims

Child beaten with metal chair at school, family claims

February 14, 2020 0 By Horace Mills

Another male student from the community of Lluidas Vale in St. Catherine is nursing injuries after being beaten by schoolmates.

The incident happened at Enid Bennett High School in Bog Walk on January 19.

The Ministry of Education has launched an investigation, and has facilitated the transfer of the student to a school in Clarendon parish.

A close relative of the child, who spoke on condition of anonymity due to the ongoing probe, said the minor is still feeling back pains as well as cramps in one of his hands.

She told The Beacon that the child was ganged by three boys at the school. “One boy used an iron chair to beat him in his back, one kicked him in his head, and the other one was there holding his neck – so they could have killed him,” the relative further claimed.

She stated that the family is not pleased with the school’s response.

In elaborating, the relative stated that, when the boy’s mother took him to the school, the Dean of Discipline and Principal Patrick Phillips declined to meet with them because the child was not attired in school uniform.

“They just walked away,” the relative claimed.

She explained that the mother was not aware that the minor should have worn uniform to the meeting at the school, considering that he was not attending regular classes.

The relative added that, when the child eventually pointed out one of his alleged attackers, the Dean of Discipline indicated that she does not think the suspect was involved.

The mother brought the matter to the attention of Bog Walk Police, but reportedly was told to first report it to the Children’s Advocate.

The mother subsequently made a report to the Ministry of Education.

When contacted yesterday, the principal of Enid Bennett High, Phillips, denied knowledge of the incident.

“From time to time students have fights, but the beating and so on – I am not sure of that,” he told The Beacon.

Meanwhile, another male child from Lluidas Vale district was injured at another school – Ewarton High, on February 10. He has been hospitalized after being stabbed by a schoolmate.

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