BUSINESS OF THE DAY: Shauntal treating Jamaicans overseas

BUSINESS OF THE DAY: Shauntal treating Jamaicans overseas

March 2, 2020 0 By Horace Mills

A St. Mary native who migrated to Canada nearly six years ago took a massive leap of faith in March 2017 when she started a non-traditional venture.

She has been sourcing and delivering tasty Jamaican snacks and other treats ordered by people – mainly Jamaicans, in Canada and elsewhere.

Shauntal Williams-Hylton said she discerned the demand for Jamaican snacks after sharing some of the products with her friends whenever she travelled from Jamaica to Canada.

“I saw the great need and how the snacks I bring would be gone in less than a week,” she told The Beacon. “I then decided to open an online store and open to the public more around the world, because I know how it feels to miss these snacks and treats with no way – or a way too expensive way – to get them.”

Shauntal explained that prices range significantly, depending on the products that each customer orders.

To make an order via the company’s user-friendly online store, CLICK HERE.

Shauntal, who is a past-student of Guy’s Hill High School in Jamaica, has named her company Home Care Packages Ja – not a bad choice for an entity that can have goods delivered at its customers’ doorsteps.

“Since launching the online stores, we have had way more than expected amazing result,” the businesswoman disclosed, adding that much emphasis is placed on customer satisfaction.

That is reflected in the steady growth of the business, which you can click here to follow on Facebook.

“We send out so much orders every single day. We’ve sent them all over the world – even to Australia, St. Kitts and Nevis, UK, US and Canada,” the entrepreneur explained, while noting that she has received tremendous support from a friend who resides in Kingston – Abigail Buckley.

Shauntal stated that, prior to 2017, she never thought of being immersed in business.

“I didn’t really see myself as a business owner until now, but I always know I wanted to do something to give back – and this business and its success will definitely help me to do that,” Shauntal declared, adding that she already devised plans to take her company to the next level.

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