BUSINESS OF THE DAY: Jamaican counselor targets relationships around the world

BUSINESS OF THE DAY: Jamaican counselor targets relationships around the world

March 14, 2020 0 By Horace Mills

Olive Ellis has developed the mettle and goodwill to help people overcome challenges – especially those linked to relationships.

“My passion for helping clients with their relationship problems arose from my failed relationship some years ago – which affected my well-being and self-worth,” she said, adding that she also has friends and colleagues who struggled with their relationships.

Now armed with academic qualifications and experience, Ellis provides expert counselling through her company – Olive P. Ellis Associate Psychologist and Consultant, which people can contact by clicking HERE.

“I dedicate my work and time to helping clients with their relationship issues, and so I give 100 percent personalized service to every client,” the counsellor noted. Her phone number is 1437-777-2953.

Ellis told The Beacon that she offers face-to-face counselling in Toronto, and clients elsewhere can use phone or any video conferencing platform convenient to them.

She added that persons can also request a free 20-minute phone consultation on relationship issues by sending an email to

Ellis, who is a native of Glengoffe in St. Catherine, Jamaica, attended the Grateful Hill Primary School and Oberlin High.

After obtaining her Bachelor’s degree in Guidance and Counselling, she worked as a counsellor at two traditional high schools in Kingston.

She eventually left the classroom to work first in the banking industry, then in the food trading industry, and eventually in healthcare services.

“My passion was always to study psychology,” she said.

It therefore is not surprising that Ellis obtained her Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology; this time at the International University of the Caribbean (IUC).

She worked at IUC for five years – first as an Assistant Dean, then Senor Director to the President, and later as Counseling Psychology Associate at the university’s counselling centre.

Ellis resigned to work full time in her business – providing counselling.

In 2016, she migrated to Canada and ventured into the healthcare sector, where she still works part time as Healthcare Case Manager.

Her clients from Jamaica, however, would not let her go.

“Because of the number of referrals from past clients, I had a continuous supply of clients from Jamaica and the USA, and so I continued doing counselling and coaching via the phone and video conferencing,” Ellis explained.

She decided to establish her business in Canada, offering counselling internationally.

“Setting up business in Canada was challenging, but it was worth the effort; I am now getting clients from Canada,” Ellis told The Beacon, adding: “I strongly believe that my purpose on earth is to help persons with relationships.”

Ellis, a non-denominational ordained minister with the National Association of Christian Ministers, is also an author.

Her book, Start Doing “It” – Making Your Relationship Better and More Exciting, is faith-based and Christ-centred.

“It is a practical guide – whether you are in a healthy relationship or one that has lost the loving feeling,” Ellis told The Beacon. Persons can purchase a copy of her book by clicking HERE.

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