Bog Walk girl, at age 12, bags three CXC subjects – including Maths and English

Bog Walk girl, at age 12, bags three CXC subjects – including Maths and English

October 9, 2020 0 By Horace Mills

Under normal circumstances, Tonizan Green would be sitting the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) subjects three year into the future.

But she opted to test the proverbial waters early – pursuing subjects that many older Caribbean students consider to be most challenging.

She was successful in all three of them, albeit with the second highest grade attainable (Grade Two). The highest pass grade is Grade One and the lowest is Grade Three, according to the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC), which administers the CSEC subjects.

The subjects that Tonizan attained are:

  • English A
  • Mathematics
  • Human and Social Biology

“I am elated and thankful to have crossed such a huge hurdle,” the young scholar said.

“The subjects chosen are my strongest academic areas, as well as they are a part of the requirements needed for my future career path.”

Tonizan, who hails from Berwick district in the Bog Walk area of St. Catherine, is working to become an actuarial scientist – to use mathematical and statistical methods to assess risks in relatively large companies.

Tonizan’s academic journey started at Little People Pre and Prep School, under the stewardship of Majorie Bailey.

When she was in Grade Five, her family relocated to Kingston, where she attended The Dunrobin Primary School.

Tonizan sat the Primary Exit Profile (PEP) and became enrolled at Merl Grove High School, where classes have been disrupted by the coronavirus (COVID-19).

She is now being home-schooled by Podium Academics.

Her mother, Sharazan Chambers, told The Beacon that she does not intend to send her daughter back into the public school system.

She, along with the child’s father, Anthony Green, is beaming with pride and joy, considering Tonizan’s CSEC feat.

“We are over the moon about our daughter’s success,” the mother said. “Tonizan is a strong-headed, goal-oriented, disciplined and humble child. She loves learning and understands fully what it takes to become a successful individual – which makes our role of parenting rather accepting and easily exercised.”

The mother further stated that Tonizan’s true academic potential was first discovered by her Grade Five teacher, Graham Mitchell.

Regarding her daughter’s preparation for the CSEC subjects, she explained: “I made the ultimate sacrifices to ensure our daughter attended classes. Her study time was classified opposed to her leisure time. Quality time was also spent to go through [CSEC] past papers from home due to the disruption of classes in March by COVID-19.”

Tonizan’s parents remain bearers of high expectations.

“Going forward, I expect Tonizan to continue being exceptional and successful – attaining anything she puts her mind to,” the mother further said.

Plans are afoot to have Tonizan sit five more CSEC subjects next year.

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