Bog Walk | Driver Glad To Be Alive; Car Crashed Days After $200K Repair

December 27, 2021 0 By Jamaica Beacon

The man whose vehicle ran off the roadway at Bog Walk Gorge in St. Catherine on Christmas Day said he is happy to be alive although his troubles perhaps are not yet be over.

“I was driving and the car just caught fire. I was going around the corner actually and so I couldn’t turn the vehicle around or anything like that,” said the motorist who identified himself only as Dennis, which he said is his surname.

He added that, when he tried to slow the vehicle down after it caught fire, it got out of control and careened off the roadway, almost falling into the river.

Dennis told The Beacon that one of his fingers was injured in the accident, adding that two people who were traveling with him are unharmed.

“I am feeling good,” he declared in relation to the fact that no life was lost.

However, he expressed disappointment that the vehicle ended up being badly damaged a few days after he spent just over $200,000 to bring it back into driving condition.

Dennis, who said he is from Portmore, stated that the incident happened while he was heading to Linstead to visit relatives for funds, which he intended to use and bring the documents for the vehicle up-to-date.

“I am disappointed knowing what took place regarding the vehicle and all of that. To be honest with you, I just spend over $200,000 on that car to get it where it is right now. I wasn’t here for a while and my girlfriend was renting it… Someone ran into the car and I told them that, when I get here, I am going to fix it up – and that is what I did,” Dennis explained.

He added: “Right now I didn’t even get the chance to license and insure the car. What happened is that I was going to check my family for $70,000 with the intention to sort out mi vehicle, but the vehicle caught fire. All a mi money [that I used to repair it] gone down the drain. Right now the car deh a police station and that is a whole different ball game.”

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