BIG ON INTELLIGENCE – Ewarton Primary Student Earns Place At Westwood

BIG ON INTELLIGENCE – Ewarton Primary Student Earns Place At Westwood

July 25, 2020 0 By Horace Mills

Patria-Kaye Kerr is anxious to commence studies at the much vaunted Westwood High School in Stewart Town, Trelawny.

She got her first choice of school based mainly on her impressive performance in the Primary Exit Profile (PEP), which is used to place the island’s students in secondary schools.

“I was surprised and elated although I knew I was well prepared and did my best in PEP,” the 12-year-old said, adding that she paid keen attention during classes at Ewarton Primary School in St. Catherine.

Regarding PEP, Patria-Kaye attained Mastery in Literacy and Numeracy at the Grade Four level. In Grade Five, she scored Highly Proficient in Science and Language Arts, as well as Proficient in Mathematics and Social Studies.

In Grade Six, the young scholar attained full score in the Ability Test, which examines a student’s general intelligence or critical thinking skills. “The candidate performed better than 100 percent of all test takers on the Ability Test,” the education ministry said in reference to Patria-Kaye.

She intends to achieve more academic feats as she works assiduously to fulfill her goal of becoming a chemist or a pharmacist.

“I will continue striving for success to achieve my goal and make my parents proud as I continue to focus on my philosophy: ‘The ladder to success may be difficult to climb, but each rung brings me closer to a successful end’,” she further reasoned.

Patria-Kaye, whose hobby is drawing, represented her primary school in netball and was Vice President of the Reading Club.

She is grateful to the teachers who helped to prepare her at Ewarton Primary and to members of her family, including her parents Heather Lawrence and Patrick Kerr.

Her mom told The Beacon: “I am elated. I expected her to perform well because throughout primary school she has always been a top achiever – always receiving awards on prize-giving day. I expect her to maintain her good grades while pursuing her dream career.”

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