4 goats stolen from hearing impaired man in Bensonton, St Ann

4 goats stolen from hearing impaired man in Bensonton, St Ann

November 23, 2018 0 By Horace Mills

A 24-year-old hearing impaired resident of Bensonton district near Claremont in St Ann, Johnny Walton, was in shock when he woke yesterday morning (November 22) and realized that his four goats had been stolen.

He left them close to his home when he returned home from a lawn-mowing job Wednesday evening.

It is the third time that Walton has been hit by predial larceny, which Bensonton residents said has been happening too frequently in their rural community.

Residents theorize that Walton’s four goats (one that is pregnant and one that has two kids) were taken away in a motorcar that was heard in the community a few hours before daybreak.

Bobbeth Hanniford said her heart is broken particularly because this is the third time people have stolen goats from her son, Walton, who struggled over the years to raise the animals.

“We are still in shocked to see how far he is coming from with the goats, [only for them to now be stolen]” she told The Beacon. “My son is a very hard-working youth and he has a hearing problem.”

Hanniford further stated that the matter was reported to the Claremont police yesterday morning. “The police told me to come to the station, but unfortunately I couldn’t make it because I had to go to work,” she added.

Residents of Bensonton, who said the thieves are targeting cows and goats, want the authorities to urgently help them in curbing the issue of praedial larceny, adding that it is a threat to their livelihood.

Meanwhile, in March 2016, residents fatally chopped two alleged goat thieves to death in Bensonton. Police identified the deceased as 37-year-old taxi operator Dave Campbell and 22-year-old Alphonso Perry both from Lime Hall district in St Ann.

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